These statuses are for you

These statuses are for you


I am here to find love and give love in return.

I guarantee you won’t find one better than me.

Don’t let anyone ruin your day! I would be glad if you would let me improve it.

I wish to belong to a man who solves problems, and does not create new ones.

In principle, I can remain silent; but the point is that there is no such principle.

I do not cry and do not fall into a blues – there is no time for this; I need to go to my dreams and enjoy every day.

I know how to trust – I promise that I will not try to impose my opinion on you about what you can do and what not.

I appreciate the nice little things.

I’m already an adult … No, I still love to watch ads and don’t understand how to fill out receipts!

They say that I am far from ideal. But I have a different opinion: I think that this ideal is far from me.