Most often, it is the girls who are the first to think about how to make peace with a guy after a quarrel. They most of all lack the attention of a partner and care. It is worth noting the following moment here. It’s okay to take the first steps. To humiliate – no.

How to make reconciliation normal? Give the man time to move away from the conflict, do not touch him for a couple of hours, or wait until he arrives from work. Don’t flood him with apologies, emoticons and kisses. Maximum, ask what time he will arrive for dinner. At this moment to prepare a dish, you can put a bottle of good wine on the table.

Everything to a minimum, no need to set the table like in the New Year. When he comes home, politely greet and hug, call to the table, make a speech, followed by an apology and a solution to the situation. Speak in a confident voice, smile, no tears or screams.

How should you not apologize to a guy? What does humiliation look like? Write him dozens of SMS a day with apologies and love pictures, set the festive table, lick the whole apartment before his arrival, buy what he has long wanted, throw himself around when he comes home from work.

And then cry for half the evening, prove something and provoke new quarrels. Such a situation will not cause joy and happiness in a man, but will only remind of the partner’s total emotional dependence. Needless to say, addicted women quickly get bored?