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About ISSI 2013

The ISSI 2013 Conference will provide an international open forum for scientists, research managers, authorities and information professionals to debate the current status and advancements of informetric and scientometric theories and their deployment. In addition to the traditional evaluative focus, this conference will also discuss practical applications in related fields such as library and information science, history of science, philosophy of science, etc.

The conference is organized under the auspices of ISSI – the International Society for Informetrics and Scientometrics (www.issi-society.info/). The conference language is English.

Previous Conferences
ISSI meets on a bi-annual basis. Previous ISSI conferences took place in Belgium (1987), Canada (1989), India (1991), Germany (1993), USA (1995), Israel (1997), Mexico (1999), Australia (2001), China (2003), Sweden (2005), Spain (2007), Brazil (2009), and South Africa (2011).

Conference themes:

Topic 1 Scientometrics Indicators:
- Criticism and new developments
- Relevance to Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities
Topic 2 Old and New Data Sources for Scientometric Studies: Coverage, Accuracy and Reliability
Topic 3 Science Policy and Research Evaluation: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Topic 4 Research Fronts and Emerging Issues
Topic 5 Technology and Innovation Including Patent Analysis
Topic 6 Collaboration Studies and Network Analysis
Topic 7 Webometrics
Topic 8 Visualisation and Science Mapping: Tools, Methods and Applications
Topic 9 Management and Measurement of Bibliometric Data within Scientific Organizations
Topic 10 Open Access and Scientometrics
Topic 11 Modeling the Science System, Science Dynamics and Complex System Science
Topic 12 Scientometrics in the History of Science
Topic 13 Sociological and Philosophical Issues and Applications
Topic 14 Bibliometrics in Library and Information Science